Sold in a week!

If you’re a Philly local, you know that Mt. Airy is a popular, fun, diverse and accessible neighborhood in the Northwest section of the city- bordering Forbidden Drive, an awesome stretch of the city park system with miles of running and walking trails, full of local businesses, its own co-op, and charming homes. I recently had the pleasure of listing a property in East Mt. Airy, a stone’s throw from the post office on Germantown Ave. and near a burgeoning business district that started with Little Jimmy’s cafe.

My listing was a pocket-sized 2-bedroom row house overlooking St. Michael’s Church and cemetery, and as soon as showings were available we were overwhelmed with them. By the morning of the third day we had an offer, and as soon as the ink was dry on the contract we received  back-up offer. In addition to its location, a major part of the appeal came from the gorgeous renovations the sellers had made on the home since purchasing it.

The house settled easily within a month of going under contract. All this in the “slow period” before Thanksgiving and through the New Year!

If you’re looking to sell or buy in the neighborhood, just let me know!



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