Real Estate Horror Stories- my creepiest showings

For Halloween, I thought I’d share a few scary tales from my time as a Realtor. While real estate seems like a fairly mundane profession, agents enter many houses and we see all kinds of strange things; infestations, odd paint choices, destruction wrought by angry homeowners in the midst of foreclosure, and more. Below are a few of the strangest houses I’ve ever shown. If you have any creepy house stories to share, please add them in the comments section!

The Sinkhole An otherwise unremarkable townhouse, one Montco condo featured a 30-foot-wide sinkhole in the basement that also covered most of the back yard!

Swamp Thing This beautiful Delco rancher, with a classic layout and a stone-tiled pool, had one major problem. It was built at the foot of a marsh (skunk cabbage and all) and the marsh seemed to have infiltrated the basement. “Damp” is an understatement. Covered in black mold, we left that showing with damp sneakers and the feeling that nature was reclaiming this particular property.

Tree House An almost 300-year old house in Springfield Township was full of personality. It had many nooks and crannies, ancient wood floors that were worn by generations of feet, and a charming old-fashioned kitchen. However, it also had a huge tree alongside, whose roots had grown deep into the cellar. My buyers were intrigued, but couldn’t shake the feeling that the house was viewing them as much as they were viewing it! It recently sold, and I’m fascinated to see what the new owners will do with this house.

Manor of Madness Out in Chester County, my buyer and I entered a moss-covered colonial that stood out in a development of newer homes. We both felt the house was a little odd, with low ceilings, dark rooms, and just a general feeling of gloom.  In the largest bedroom, one wall had been completely covered in painted writing. It was strange stuff, and the letters were big. Let’s just say it wasn’t an inspirational quote… My client and I looked at each other, and agreed it was best to get out of there in a hurry. This one tops my list as my scariest showing!


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